I am happy that you managed to find your way to my website laden with facts and information.


For me, there is nothing more fulfilling than being able to lead you in the right path to your success.


The realization of this website owes itself to the vast use of the internet for many years and finding immense knowledge from reading e-Books and the huge expertise obtained from it – which I am truly grateful for as it opened my eyes to many opportunities in life.  Knowledge like this is very tough to find in mainstream media.


I was also blessed to have met on my journey an elderly gentleman (called ‘Professor’) who sadly passed away (RIP) and who graciously left me a  vast collection of information stating that it should be made accessible to the public to assist with their concerns in life at minimal cost and in some cases free.

The experts advised me that I am climbing too high a mountain, covering too many topics.


Yes, I have made it a challenge to cover not one niche but, twelve. Why?  SImply, I like variety, and I think regardless of who you are, or where you are, there will be a solution here for you in many areas.


What I have put together is a 'well-being/meaning' shopping online portal.


Understand this, every problem in your life, there is a solution. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a problem - understand that and you are well on your way to finding the solution!


I made it possible to cover a variety of subjects with a plenitude of information that would alleviate the burden of being costly and time-consuming for you.


I believe you should have the opportunity to explore, and in some cases, given an option, to live a healthier lifestyle for yourself, family and loved ones. Through this, I believe the information provided on factsforabetterlife is the key to your success.


I’ve worked remarkably hard throughout the years to make this website full of selective information; a comfortable area to come and shop with that would simply blow your mind as it did with me! 


Take root and learn to grow with this information!

Here's to your amazing success!






PS. Do connect with me and let me know if you reached success with this information..I would love to hear from you!








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