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Reverse Hair Loss & Regrow Lush Locks

What if you could use a printer to regrow your thinning hair... Well, researchers have just discovered a way to grow hair follicles in a petri dish using stem cells and plastic moulds made on a 3D printer. The moulds recreate the environment that human hair cells live in. Follicle cells from human donors were placed on the plastic mould, along with cells that produce keratin. The cells were then “fed” and within just three weeks, the lab-grown human hair follicles starting sprouting hair. It sounded great... Until I read that the study author believes the breakthrough can “enhance drug discovery practices at pharmaceutical companies.” Luckily, you don’t need this discovery — or the Big Pharm

Face Reading

WHAT IS FACE READING? Face Reading is essentially the art of divining something about a person’s character or health simply by looking at his or her face. We all face read and have since we were babies. You will find stored in your mind a library of faces and characters all matched up. Initially, this was an essential tool to help protect you from potential predators, but later you might have naturally developed it into a powerful tool to help you in all kinds of social interactions. Much of this happens subconsciously. You could be introduced to someone at a party, and your mind might notice his mouth is similar to another man you know. Without realizing it, you will instinctively make in

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