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Guyanese Recipes

Guyanese Paratha Roti [if !supportLists]• [endif]Combine 2 cups flour (all purpose), 2 tsp baking power, 1tsp vegetable shortening in a large mixing bowl. [if !supportLists]• [endif]Mix together, then make a well in centre of the ingredients. Slowly and gently add 1 cup of water and knead to form a soft dough. [if !supportLists]• [endif]Use your finger and palms of your hands to put air pockets in the dough. This will help the dough to be soft and smooth. [if !supportLists]• [endif]Cover dough with a damp towel and let site for at least 30 mins. Making the baste for the roti [if !supportLists]• [endif]Add about 2 tbsp butter and ½ cup oil to a small mixing bowl. Microwave unt

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