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You Asked, We Answered

Before we delve into the ‘FAQs’, let us give you some additional facts.

We are a phenomenal team who strongly believes in giving you the best information that gets you quick results.  We offer purposeful, meaningful and valuable information, advice, treatment and cure.


This idea was pioneered by a retiree (“Professor“) who worked between New York/UK as an Editor (45 years), and amasser of information that he compiled (dating far back as the 1900s and still useful today - if only you knew!) which was given to him by authors, aristocrats, medical professionals etc., and on his passing, were the instructions that the information was to be made available to the public.

Did you know that we have the 'original' recipe for 'Kentucky Fried Chicken' that has been a mystery since 1952?


Some of this information would not be accessible to the public, at the time, or had been taken out of circulation because it worked!


Also, many of the information we have is based on ‘factsforabetterlife’ own findings and investigation that took us quite a few years to assemble and get into production.


‘Factsforabetterlife’ was built on the understanding that it will formulate an alternative and more dependable way of learning - fast and inexpensive.


Through the team attending ‘Business Shows’, ‘Events’ and ‘Seminars’ the purpose of a 'well-being' website was put out to people - does it make sense and would it work? I mean, who read eBooks nowadays - answer; the VERY SMART and SUCCESSFUL!


The result from our research was an astounding “Yes, the website is a great idea, go for it”.

With the pandemic affecting libraries closing etc., the popularity of reading an eBook has risen to 52%, which in our estimate would make around 120 million readers now finding out the beauty of owning an eBook. Kudos to them!

And eBooks are not solely for the fuddy-duddies out there and geared towards them, as some people may think, it is for all age groups.


Thankfully, they are some brilliant minded individuals that can see the immense benefits of eBooks (read the FAQs below) and like us, they have moved on to making something of their lives, well beyond their expectations  – and that is our purpose fulfilled!

Lastly, do not be put off, when on checking out your personal information is required, this is to make sure that you are the authoriser of this payment and not used fraudulently.  This is the requirement that payment official (PayPal, Visa etc.) require on some of there payment scheme, and it is for your protection.





What precisely are eBooks and the goal of reading an Ebook, rather than paperback/hardback, the general stuff?


We are going to give you the top reasons as to why eBooks are better than regular books:

  1. eBooks help us to save the planet – no paper – trees to waste and forest land!

  2. They protect the environment and help us improve our quality of life – no carbon footprint!

  3. Carry your library with you – no bulk, no weight.

  4. Affordable price – great to give as a tech gift.

  5. Excellent for students and employees – can share this through multiple users.

  6. Nighttime reading – have you ever read a bad print from a book at night, say no more!

  7. Listening to eBooks – some devices have this ability which is great for children and fantastic for adults with a learning disability or visual impairment.

  8. They last longer – eBooks can’t be destroyed and harmed easily like printed books made of paper, which means eBooks last longer.


Classic readers will say that eBook doesn’t count as a book because you can't physically feel scrolling paper pages. Book lovers adore the smell of a new book that you can't feel through an electronic device.  With eBooks though, you are saving the environment, time, and your expense.


What format is your eBook


A Pdf file.  It has many uses, unlike flipbooks which are lovely to look at but limited in use.


With Pdf files, you can make notes, edit, highlight, with multiple uses and is a convenient tool to have in learning.


What is a Pdf File? 


It stands for "portable document format". The format is essentially used when you need to save files that cannot be modified but still need to be easily shared and printed. Today almost everyone has a version of Adobe Reader or other computer programs that can read a PDF file.

Adobe's VP Engineering for Document Cloud, Phil Ydens, estimates there may be up to 2.7 trillion PDF documents in the world


Why have you chosen a Pdf format over others (i.e. Flipbooks, paperbacks or hardbacks)?


It has been stated that flipbooks (similar to reading a magazine but you have to be online to read it) are better viewed on your mobile device, we checked this, and do not necessarily agree. Flipbooks looks excellent and very chic and modern, but the drawback is that information is stored on an external server (not your own or ours).  Basically, the creator of the app has the magazine stored under iCloud.


Therefore, you need to be online to read a flipbook, and if the company no longer exists, then your flipbook app will no longer be accessible.


Also, with flipbooks, it’s pretty hard to make notes etc., unlike a pdf file.  


We think pdf file will give you a more useful way to digest what you are reading, and the opportunity to read your information offline.

We are not against flipbooks; we don't think they would be practical to give out the information we possess.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how versatile they are once you start to read your information.


Why should I purchase from ‘factsforabetterlife’, when I may be able to get some of the information you are selling, free online?


Free usually comes with lots of pop-ups, advertisement etc., and in most cases doesn't cover the topic in-depth but skims over the surface.

Getting things free is also an old ‘sales’ ploy to get a big sales further down the line, without the brand giving you too much information but enough for you to pay to get more information because they have enticed you with the first information.  That is not necessarily true for all ‘free’ data, though, but most!


We know, we have been in sales for many years, and don’t want to pursue that way of getting information out there to you in only a few pages, or just lightly covering a topic's surface. We believe in the value of content and that's what we deliver.

Many free ebooks do not come with illustrations or images to bring the information to light; they are purely in text form.  There are occasions when we do offer 'free' eBooks that are simplistic in terms.

We do understand your concern, and as you will note the price required for an eBook would not beg for the need of you remortgaging your house or getting a loan, and remember there is no added VAT or shipping cost.   They are very low priced, and we have added a 30-day money-back guarantee should you feel the information did not cover your need.

Do you have a refund policy?


Yes, we do.


If you feel, which you wouldn’t, that our information did not help you achieve your goal, then tell us, and we will be happy to refund you at full cost.


I am not one for reading books, so what makes your product different?


Covering our 10 categories, we could not find anything online under one umbrella to help us find a solution to our need, so we decided to create one - FACTS FOR A BETTER LIFE.  We've made our subscribers happy, so that tells us we are heading in the right direction.


We are a well-being website, so what does that mean to you, only this:


Our goal at ‘factsforabetterlife’ is to change people’s mindset and behaviours by empowering them to make positive lifestyle choices to improve their overall health and wellness.

If you value yourself and want to achieve something substantial in your life, it could be little, or it could be small, regardless whether business or personal, we believe well-being is the way to start pursuing your dream or goal.


Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind, and spirit.  The realisation that everything we do, think, feel and believe affects our well-being”  Greg Anderson.


How do I know your information has value to it?


By listening to our customers and receiving good feedback. If we felt there was no value in this information, we would be making false claims that are not, fortunately, where we stand.


What if I unable to find what I am looking for, could I contact you?


Try using the 'search' bar on top of the website page and see what it comes up with.


By all means, feel free to contact us (contact details on the bottom page).  We have around 1,500 files in our database, and hopefully, we will be able to trace the information you seek or point you in the right direction.

What is an SSL Certificate, and do you have one?


A website needs an SSL certificate If asking for any personal information. But that's not all there is to it. Search engines are cracking down on perceived 'non-secure' websites. Any websites without the SSL certificate will remain ‘http’ while those with encryption will show ‘https’ in users' browsers, which indicate the site is secure.


And yes we do have an SSL certificate.


Only make payment to a website that has https before their name, and a padlock icon in the browser.

Is the information that I give on checkout kept in privacy and not given to a third party?

Absolutely! Please read our 'Privacy Policy' data, if you are uncertain.


What payment is accepted?


All major credit cards, including ‘Stripe’ and ‘Paypal, ' completely secured by McAfee.


Do you accept external information from outsiders for future eBooks?


Most certainly, go for it, if you wish to use our platform to promote your information, we would be happy to assist. Contact us at or call us on 0800 246 5528. If we feel the information you provide would benefit people or use it in our blog, give you full credit.  It could also be a product or service you want people to know about.

We believe in helping people, small businesses etc., if we can do so, after all, we are the same - no different!

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