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Riding on a Electron

Dear Life: (from staff) Thank you for your question. For this technique, Dr. Pillai gives step by step, how you do it, in the meditation, guided by him.

Just by following along as he describes, you will be doing the meditation and you will 'become as you think'. "How do you reprogram your DNA?"

Just simply by riding on the electron, just by thinking about high speed, and the electron, then you will pick up that speed.

For more [FREE] meditations, go to 'Activate Your Midbrain' will help you with manifestation. Here's the Electron technique, in Dr. Pillai's own words.

1. If you just think that I want to be functioning at the Quantum Level, at the speed of Light, which is the speed of the electron. There are electrons going around the nucleus, and then you just ride on this electron, and pick up the speed of the electron.

2. The way you do that, imagine yourself, or imagine a thought that you’re thinking, and then put that though inside of an electron which is spinning at the speed of the light.

3. Then that thought will acquire the power of the electron, the speed of the electron. And when you do this your psychology itself will change, then you won’t be like a robot-like thinker. So, you must stop this process, and this is how you can evolve.

4. So the moment you put this idea in your consciousness, the DNA will respond, the genes will respond, and they will create another reality.

5. The moment you become conscious, then you become the electron moving at a great speed. Then you don’t have to wait for a long time for things to happen.

6. Things must happen at the same time you are thinking. We can vibrate with great intelligence, and there is no room for ignorance, or foolishness. This is conscious living. We cannot afford to be unconscious even for one second. This is what will happen when we evolve.

7. How do you reprogram your DNA? Just simply by riding on the electron, just by thinking about high speed, and the electron, then you will pick up that speed.

8. Because the rule is: “You become as you think”. Now our thinking is irresponsible, unintelligent, goofy, unconscious, all of that.

9. So when you become identified, or when you identify yourself with the electron, it gives you a tremendous amount of speed, it also gives you instantaneous manifestation. You must dedicate your entire life doing this.

So, our capital is our consciousness. Now we think our capital is the money in the bank. That’s not a great capital because I know personally, too many people who have money in the bank, but they don’t know what to do with their money. The only capital you have is the Soul Capital. The soul is very powerful, not your mind.

So, you must step out of the mind, and ride on your soul, which like an electron, moves very fast. And how do you do that? – I gave you the meditation exercise. Just take a thought, and assume the thought is like an electron, and moving at a great speed.

Say for instance, you have a thought like a million-dollar thought, or perfect health thought, or a perfect relationship thought, or whatever thought you want to think. And that thought, put it inside an electron, and then you don’t have to spend a lot of time because the thought and the electron are one and the same, and they have already started to move at the speed of light.

So, you have done enough already, even before you think, even within a fraction of a second, you have created that. It is as simple as I have explained to you, very simple. The electron has moved many times over, before you even finish a thought.

But at least through the discipline of thinking, and associating yourself with the electron, or between the nucleus, then you can go at a tremendous speed, and manifest it. The more focus you have, the waves will be collapsed into matter, then whatever you think, you’ll manifest instantaneously, or you have already manifested it even before you think. So, this meditation will give you, will open many doors.

There will be millions of doors that will open. [Dr. Pillai] 

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