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Carpal Tunnel and Pinched Nerve

Let me tell you now, it is not the most pleasant of experiences.

Mine started a few weeks ago, when I noticed a strange sensation travelling from my back, towards my shoulders and then down towards my hand/finger.

All this was taking place on my right side of my body, and worst still, I noticed that my middle finger was getting numb, which made it really difficult doing things with my right hand, as the grip was difficult to obtain and there was no sensation.

When I realized that after 3 days this was not going to disappear, regardless of how many pain killers I was taking, and no, I am not one for taking tablets!

Okay, what next to do!

It came to my attention by a lovely neighbour to try a ‘Palm Massager’ which are pads with an electric current that have a multitude of different modes to use.

I thought, hey why not, I was gamed for anything that would help this relentless tweaking on my back and right arms, which I have to say, makes it really uncomfortable sleeping.

And no this pain is not down to old age!

So, I purchased my ‘Palm Massager’ through – thank you eBay and neighbour, Barb!

This pain was now going on for 4 weeks and does cause you to react recklessly with things in your life.

Anyway, what a gem that little ‘Palm Massager’ turned out. This tiny little gadget had around 20 different modes you can apply to most part of your body and it worked wonders. It has modes for cupping, acupuncture etc.

Now with a pinched nerve it is good to do lots of stretching exercises around the area.

But I wanted more help, the Palm Massager was working but I wanted something else to hurry along the healing process.

So, I visited a store called ‘Detwiler’s’ the most awesome store ever in Sarasota, Florida!

Anyway, I went visiting their pharmacy section and a lady that worked there told me that her husband had the same problem and a good and honest doctor told him that he needed to use a ‘Cervical Neck Traction Device’. She went on Amazon and told me that this is what her husband used and within 3 months he was cured.

I ordered the device and bless it came the next day.

This is a device that is simply worth having in your medicine cabinet, as it stretches your spinal area and much more.

You can use it as often as you like and for any minutes. I didn’t follow the advice on the box stating 3 mins, no Siree, this lady did not have time for 3 mins, I went and did mine for at least 3 times per day for 1/2hr, to this day!

The device is like a neck pillow but in 3 layers, with a pump that you just use to push your neck and shoulders apart.

Now, I hardly feel the unease with the pinched nerve, and it is slowly disappearing, but I still have the numbness in my middle finger, but hey I am not complaining.

Let me end this by saying, I was totally baffled as to how this problem with my nerves occurred and realized where I have been going wrong. You see for many years I used to carry heavy bags on my shoulders, thinking nothing of it, until now. What I was basically doing was causing damage to my nerve ends.

You see when you hit the ripe old age of 62, you really need to take check as to how you treat your body.

And why I believe this is the case, when I mentioned this to a friend, he said he had the same thing since a year ago etc., and he said he used to carry heavy bags on his shoulders too.

Anyway My Friend, I hope this will help you and trust me these two devices a) Palm Massager, and b) Cervical device, is worth getting and you will notice and feel the difference.

And yes the pain went in ALL areas.



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