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Natural Internal Body Cleanse

5 tblsp Hissop

5 Tblsp Cleavers

5 Tblsp Buckthorn

Boil qt of water and pour over herbs, let cool and drink entire qt.

4 oz. Grapefruit Juice

4 oz. Olive Oil

Drink at night, go to bed, lie on back for 15mins.

Black Walnut Powder


Fresh Ground Cloves

10-100 capsules each, once a day for 3 days

1 quart Pumpkin Juice

Drink on empty stomach

4 Tblsp Bugleweed

4 Tblsp Yellowdock

4 Tblsp Cayenne

One quart per day for 3 weeks, 6 days on, 1 off

Red Root

Bitter Orange

Red Clover


Cat’s Claw

Nettle Leaf

Pau d’Arco

2 tblsp each/1 quart

Information taken from: Cleanses by Gloria Todd

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