Optical Illusions That Will BAFFLE You

Can you see grey dots? But, if you look closer i.e. directly at the intersection and then the grey dot will disappear and you’ll see only white lines.

This one is known as “Pac-Man / Lilac Chaser Illusion.” let’s focus on the center cross for at least 30 seconds. You will experience two effects after a couple of seconds already. Enjoy! :

Are these blocks side by side or on top of each other? Yeah, take a look at it once again.

This one is my favourite and I’m pretty sure some of you will love it too. This one is very popular but just in case you’ve seen it for the first time, I’ll tell you what to do. Just stare at the centre dots for 30 seconds and then look away at white wall around you. What do you see? Surprised?

This one is really interesting. Look at the box and you’ll see that black dots are appearing as well as disappearing. Yes, that’s the trick


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