Misconceptions About Healthy Foods

1. Apple cider vinegar is essential for weight loss.

Another not so accurate thing that is running in the market for weight loss is that you have to consume apple cider vinegar to lose weight as they magically increase your metabolism and helps you fat which is again not true.

You don't require any vinegar to lose weight, in fact, apple cider vinegar was not even in the market in the last 5–8 years, but again due to marketing gimmick, they were sold to in the market as a weight-loss product, which sadly many people who look for a shortcut for weight loss purchased.

I am not totally against green tea or apple cider vinegar as they have a decent role to play where they can be used to provide some benefits.

The problem occurs when someone magically labels these products as fat burners or a necessity require to lose weight as excessive consumption of apple cider vinegar can be really bad for some people as it is nothing but vinegar(acetic acid) which can disrupt ph levels of your body and gut health.

Thus never blindly follow or look for any such product which claims that it will help you in weight loss, the weight loss market has been running by selling such products.

2.Low fat dairy is better than full-fat dairy

Not a very popular myth but quite active in the health and weight loss community that many people tend to go for the low-fat version of dairy products like curd, milk, cheese, etc.

As some fitness professionals say that full-fat dairy is high in calories and has lots of saturated fats, which is not a problem for the human body, the problem occurs when the manufacturers add sugar or artificial sweet substances in the low-fat dairy to make it more edible which will again create bloating and unwanted issues.

Thus the best option would be to go for a full fat dairy!

3.Saturated fats from desi ghee are harmful

Just to sell olive oil in India this fake

Study/campaign was created and dumped in the Indian market so that people will believe and buy more olive oil.

Which is not the reality and is far away from the truth(Which is again proved by the people living and studies), thus don't run away from desi ghee considering it to be bad for the body, probably it is the only food which is suitable to each and every person and has more benefits than studies confirming desi ghee is bad.

Hence never run away from good desi ghee.

4.Brown rice is healthier than white rice.

Brown rice has little extra fiber(and some minerals as well) than white rice due to the top layer of rice, which is why it was again marketed as something which is good for weight/fat loss but that extra fiber is not in a very big amount(about 2–4gm per serving) which is not that something for which you have to leave the white rice.

Also, that extra top layer of brown rice has some anti-nutrients which bind the absorption of some minerals in our body which do more bad than good.

Therefore eat your white rice without any fear(This also doesn't mean that you are eating in no limit, moderation is the key!)

5.All Honey available in the market is real Honey.

Not every honey that is labeled and sold commercially is actually honey as many of the brands are just selling a partial amount of honey with adulteration of sugar syrups and artificial emulsifiers.

Which also came into the limelight recently.

Alternative:- Natural Honey of a good brand that genuinely provides organic honey without any additive of sugars or corn syrup.

Again a lot of brands are there which are not even pure in the name of organic as well (Which is again a different thing going on), as they are selling the same quality honey and labeling it organic at a higher price.