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Lessons Most People Learn Too Late in Life

  1. Health: All that processed food you are eating, all the booze you drink, all the exercise you never did. You guessed it. It will catch up to you later in life. It’s never to late to start.

  2. Relationships: Most will spend years with the wrong person out of comfort. They will keep waiting for things to change, only to have everything remain, “miserably comfort.”

  3. Happiness: Many chase money, careers, or even relationship hop, thinking “this is my one!” Only to wake up 5,10,15 years later and realize you been running in circles. None of which will make you happy, and more than likely will make you miserable.

  4. No one cares: Most don’t give 2 shits about you. So you spend your whole life being someone you aren’t, only to impress people that couldn't care less. In return the only person you should impress is yourself and that will have a radiating effect.

  5. Authentic: One day, you wake up and realize, you don’t know who the hell you are any more. You’ve spent years chasing relationships, years chasing a career, years conforming to society, years trying to live up to your parents standards, and some where along the line you lost yourself. Maybe you didn’t even know “self” existed?

  6. Self awareness: It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s why most decide to drown it with distractions like booze, food, relationships, sex etc. Looking in the mirror and becoming aware is one of the most painful journeys one can travel. Rarely will one take that path.

  7. Family: For the most part, when you are down and out and really messed up, your family is there. There are circumstances of total dysfunction, I get that. But in the worse of the worse, family or damn good friends will have your back in any situation. Treat them well.

  8. Karma: The way I look at karma. If you keep treating people like shit, one day, one day I say, it will come back to you. Same with if you treat people well for the most part. If you pay careful attention, karma comes in very subtle forms, and can be disguised in many ways. Eyes wide open.

  9. Childhood trauma: If you are aware enough, there will come a time you look back to your childhood. Trauma comes in many forms, verbal, physical, emotional, spoiling, neglect, etc. it all plays a role in our future and our life decisions. And for the most part, they will be bad choices at that.

  10. Remembering: People won’t remember what you say, what you didn’t say, how abusive you were, how good you were, but what they do remember, they remember how you made them feel. Don’t look back on life and be that person that made someone question their own self worth, just don’t.

Chris Freyler


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