If You Stop Using Shampoo On Your Hair For a Year.

Note: I never dye my hair: it’s fully natural without any chemicals, shampoo, hair dye, hair gel, any curling/straightening methods, etc. I don’t know if the conditions change with these products above.

I stopped using shampoo when I wasn’t aware of the cons of a shampoo about two years ago (I was 18 years old). I stopped slowly when my shampoo bottle was about to finish. I recommend you to finish your bottle first or give it away because why would you throw it?

I promise you that no one understands when you don’t use shampoo. I never told this to anyone until a couple months ago my boyfriend found out. He got shocked!

I also promise you that you don’t need to be shocked for not using shampoo because it is not gross or unhealthy or anything else.

When I ask people how my hair smells they mostly say it doesn’t smell or it smells slightly nice because I am using pure coconut oil after my shower. When I was in India I and my friends started using coconut oil for everything (they also put it on their beard and it smelled very nice even being around them). It smells amazing and also it is really healthy for everything!

When it comes to softness, I never had that problem as my hair is curly and most of the time dry as shit, but I learned later that even if your hair gets oily when not using shampoo, if you stay patient, your hair will get used to it and stop being wild. My hair was never soft anyway and when I stopped using shampoo it didn’t get worse. It’s still the same.

My hair never changed after stop using shampoo, nobody understands a single difference. Colour, oiliness, growing pace, smell… nothing has changed in any direction.

One more thing is, if you have tattoos, I learned that shampoo harms them a little in time and I have a tattoo on my neck which I should care. Think about it for your skin, tattoos, hair and nature :-)

Edit: I would like to clear some couple of things from here :-)

I do wash my hair only with water but I try to wash it every day - at least every other day. I don’t wash my hair with water and coconut oil together (Lots of people understood it wrongly I guess). I wouldn’t recommend that.

I put jusssst a little bit of coconut oil, like a bit less than my toe nail. It is just to give one's hair a slightly nice smell. It is not supposed to clean your hair. So if your hair is sticky and oily because of that you might consider other ways or try to put less coconut oil.

Moreover, the fact that I am only washing my hair with water is an actual fact. If you don’t believe it because you tried it and you didn’t get the same results as I did, it is not because of me lying.

Everybody has different type of hair and I am not a beauty expert so maybe you should try something else.

I wanted to share my experience because shampoo is bad for your hair, skin, health, environment and domestic economy.

Sara Djovick

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