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Get Better-Looking Skin

As a long time sufferer of acne, I’ll give you what no one else does:

· Please don’t over-wash your face. People keep telling you to wash your face, and I used to listen to this. After all, I thought I was getting acne because my face was dirty.

No. Most acne is caused by imbalances within your body, hormonal, allergic reactions, heart, liver conditions, unhealthy diets, lack of sun/vitamin D, too much sun, the list is endless.

When you wash your face too often, it gets dry, and the acne looks way worse because it gets brown and flaky and yet the skin underneath will still remain puss-filled/swollen (especially if you have cystic acne, which is huge bumps where you can’t merely pop it as that would cause permanent scarring).

Not to mention how offensive it is that people think you aren’t clean if you have acne. Think of it this way, why wouldn’t you have acne on your arms if you weren’t washing enough. Surely your arms touch more surfaces throughout the day and hence have more bacteria.

· Please do get a moisturizer for your face. Preferably one that says it helps to fight skin imperfections and dark marks. It adds to a healthy glowing complexion, so even if your face isn’t spotted free, the cream heals it, and it doesn’t get dull and dry. Skin looks 10x worse when it’s dry.

· Wash your face when it’s dirty. In the mornings and to remove makeup and when you’re in the shower. Use a gentle cleanser that agrees with your skin, not the ones advertised to fight acne (unless that agrees with your skin). I’ve heard most people complain that those are harsh and burn their skin and yes, cause scarring.

· Check out face mapping. You’ll notice when you have allergies, those areas of your face look bad. When you have an upset stomach, those areas look bad, and the rest is clear. Hormonal imbalances (during your period), same thing. Those areas get bad. It’s well known that PMS season is bad skin season.

Diya Gem


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